At JP Fisher Consulting we specialise in working with people to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution services in order to avoid the cost, time and stress that may result from a disputed issue escalating into litigation. If you or your company is in a situation that requires an experienced ADR practitioner then talk to us today.

With over 40 years’ experience JP Fisher Consulting can assist you. Disputes can be settled when the right processes are followed. Our experience has taught us that neither party wants to be embroiled in a conflict. It costs unnecessary time and money. Our job is to find a solution that will benefit you and allow whatever project you are involved in be brought to a successful completion.

At JP Fisher Consulting we provide a range of ADR services for clients varying from individuals through to large corporations especially those looking for construction dispute resolution. Unusually these include project recovery giving practical advice and hands on help to clients and contractors where their projects are beginning to unravel.

Our principled negotiation has assisted many people and organisations to achieve an outcome that all were satisfied with.

As a NMAS accredited mediator John Fisher’s mediation skills can help parties to negotiate positively to resolve any commercial dispute.

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With over 40 years' experience JP Fisher can assist you.

In every construction project there is the potential for payment disputes. With extensive experience of the Construction Contract Act (WA) 2004 JP Fisher Consulting can provide adjudication services that shorten this process and bring issues to a speedy conclusion.

If you or your company have found yourself in a disputed payment claim situation then our registered adjudicators can prepare applications or responses for adjudication. You need to contact us urgently as there is a very tight timescale in law for the submission of an application.

From time to time companies or individuals reach a conflict level whereby the matter requires the engagement of legal practitioners. JP Fisher Consulting works with legal advisors to provide expert advice or independent expert opinion in arbitration. Where the parties seek a qualified engineer to determine the matter John Fisher can be engaged as the arbitrator.

Parties have appointed JP Fisher Consulting to undertake an expert determination where specified in a contract. In these cases both parties prepare written submissions in order for an expert to make an enforceable finding. If not appointed as the expert, JP Fisher Consulting can provide expert advice to prepare the written submissions.

JP Fisher Consulting provides relevant training programs designed to assist your staff in developing skillsets empowering them to manage the project recovery process or resolve a dispute.

At JP Fisher Consulting we believe in better ways of resolving problems which arise on complex projects than rushing into expensive formal disputes.

Call us or email us and find out how we can assist you as time is of the essence.

The sooner we are engaged the sooner your issue can be resolved.



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