John Fisher



John is a chartered civil engineer with over 40 years experience. He has a particular emphasis on major buildings and infrastructure and has hands-on experience as a client, consultant, contractor and subcontractor. Over many years in project management consultancy he has managed a wide variety of commercial, retail, health, education, airport, rail and resources projects. He has had an international career spanning many countries and developed profitable consultancy businesses in the UK, UAE, South East Asia and Australia.

He now specialises in project recovery and dispute resolution, primarily but not exclusively, in construction. Although skilled in resolving disputes by determinative means, John's forte is in settling high value disputes by collaborative means such that the parties can work together again.

A Senior Sessional Member in the WA State Administrative Tribunal, John is an IAMA accredited arbitrator and a NMAS accredited mediator. A registered adjudicator in WA and NT, he regularly presents courses to train more adjudicators in WA. He has also presented on behalf of the NT Government. He is a mediator for the Small Business Development Corporation in WA, has acted as an expert witness and undertaken expert determinations. For several years he was a director on the board of Resolution Institute, the largest professional body for dispute resolution practitioners in the southern hemisphere.

“Recovery from 40% to 80% of original objective is a 100% improvement, not a 20% failure.”

With over 40 years in the construction industry JP Fisher Consulting brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any matter involving dispute resolution. John has recognised that disputes can be settled when proper process and order is applied to a set of practices that in turn bring peace.

Long term experience in the construction industry has provided us with enough examples of poorly handled disputes to know there are better ways to recover a project than resorting to litigation. Neither party wants to be embroiled in conflict. It costs them both unnecessary time and money and diverts their attention from their business and their initial desired objective. The goal is to find a solution that will be acceptable to both and bring the project to successful completion.

At JP Fisher Consulting we specialise in working with people to provide expert Dispute Resolution services.

The company provides a range of skillsets focusing on:

  • Project Recovery: Practical advice and hands on help to clients and contractors where their projects are beginning to unravel to prevent them reaching formal dispute stage.
  • Negotiation: Principled discussions on behalf of a party to achieve an outcome that everyone is comfortable with.
  • Mediation: Acting as an independent mediator to help parties to negotiate positively to resolve their differences. We have NMAS Accredited Mediators within the organisation.
  • Adjudication: A special form of resolution of payment disputes peculiar to the construction industry. We prepare submissions for the claimant or respondent. We have registered adjudicators amongst our team.
  • Arbitration: We will act on behalf of a party, working alongside its legal representatives. We research the evidence and crunch the numbers. Alternatively, we have a qualified engineer arbitrator in our team who can be appointed as the arbitrator.
  • Expert determination: Members of our staff can act as the expert to determine a matter under a construction contract. Alternatively we can prepare documentation for a party for submission to independent expert opinion.
  • Training: We will help your staff understand how to recover the project or resolve disputes and use the dispute mechanisms most appropriate to the circumstances.