The golden rules for recovery:

  • Recovery from 40% to 80% of original objective is a 100% improvement not a 20% failure.
  • There can be no responsibility without authority
  • Keep talking to the injured

The successful recovery of a project in distress needs a prompt and strong two pronged approach – high level strategy and detail.

JP Fisher is the specialist in turning around projects in trouble.

We work out the failure mode. How is it going wrong? Why is it going wrong? Who is getting it wrong? Then we put it right.

With the best of intentions, projects can still go wrong. Many projects end in disputes leading to arbitration or litigation. Clearly for a project to reach the courts, something has gone severely wrong. Like an air crash, it is rarely a single big failure but rather a multitude of smaller failures that come together to create the project disaster.

The two most common reasons for project failure are:

Clarity of project brief. If you don’t know what you want you can’t strategise getting there. Here the major difficulty lies at high level and tinkering with details will never repair the project. Once the brief is clear the strategy can be reset and detail reinforced where required. Take time to define the brief early on for success. However it is never too late to stop the project and redefine the brief if it is not clear or not what is wanted.

People problems. The right team needs to be on the project. Technical competence can always be brought in but key personnel leading the project need to work well together. If there is a personality clash, deal with it early and incisively.

Whether you need a quick, independent eye on your project or in depth support – call us.